What’s Trending: Indie Designers Boost Shopping Mall

r1_cheryl_fashionYou can’t just open your retail doors today and be one of the country’s top 10 shopping centers.  The management at Bellevue Collection (TBC) in Bellevue, Washington knows that and is a leader in creating relevant and dynamic events to drive sales.  Next week, TBC will host Fashion Week at The Bellevue Collection, kicking off the annual event with a major runway show of the region’s top independent fashion designers. The Seattle Times highlighted these outstanding designers, breathing additional life into the program.
They don’t stop there.  The weeklong event culminates with a major runway show by Vogue magazine. Vogue shops The Bellevue Collection stores and pulls together a show worthy of New York City runways.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary of Fashion Week, it is safe to say that TBC has become the fashion epicenter of Puget Sound, unseating Seattle. Its shows surpass in quality and content of those put on by Seattle Fashion Week and help reap benefits all year long, including attracting new fashion retailers and customers to the center.
We have proudly been their agency for the past 15 years.

–Cheryl Engstrom